Right now JetBlue is reviewing their fleet and making decisions on which planes to fly, and not fly.

Recently we wrote here how the Embraer 190 (100 seats), which services ORH, days may be numbered. The cost of maintaining these planes has simply been more then JetBlue ever expected. In other words they break down too much, which we have seen when planes are cancelled for “mechanical” problems.

At the same time have you noticed the popularity of airlines line Wow and Norwegian starting flights from the East Coast to Europe. How about Condor Airlines starting flights from Providence to Germany!!!

Now add to this that JetBlue is seriously looking into the Airbus A321 LR and this comment from JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw to Conde Nast Traveler:

“Europe suffers from the same lack of competition and high fares as (transcontinental) routes have. We have not committed to the LR (long-range aircraft), or to adding Europe to our network, but that is certainly an environment that JetBlue competes well in.”

We can very easily see JetBlue flying to Europe from the East Coast with the Airbus 321 LR and we ask the question, why not ORH?? Sounds crazy right!! No crazier then when I suggested JetBlue fly a shuttle to their hub in NYC so we could then connect direct to all of their other destinations ten years ago.

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