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For many many years, I said time and time again when the City of Worcester owned the airport to privatize the airport like Stewart International in Newburgh, NY, did when they signed a 99 year lease with National Express in 2000.

Not only have I said to privatize ORH but:

privatize the golf course
privatize the DCU
privatize Union Station
privatize the parking garages
Just to prove my point check out my old blog and search the word “privatize”. Better yet this blog from April 2, 2006 titled “Sell ORH” which began:

That’s right sell ORH… As one of the biggest fans of ORH, I have always seen and still see the untapped potential in ORH. Over the past two years trying to deal with the current management structure, I have come to realize the City of Worcester has no business being in the airport management business.

Last week the Boston Globe, almost ten years later, came to the same opinion.

From the @GlobeOpinion board: It’s time to consider privatizing Worcester’s airport

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) March 23, 2016
Ten years ago, I would have agreed with this opinion, but not today. Alot has changed since I wrote this blog:

JetBlue has daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale
Massport has taken ownership of the airport
Swissport has been replaced by Rectrix
Andy Davis is the new Airport Director
New FBO Facility
New Fire Station
Many improvements to runway
Cat III with a cost in excess of 30 million will be installed and operating next year
A real estate analogy may be appropriate here. If you bought a fixer upper. you do not try to sell it while you are still fixing it up??? All the steps and moves are in place to make ORH a valuable asset to the tax-payers of Massachusetts, we need time to see the return on these investments.

Ten years from now my position may revert to how I felt in the past and agree with the current Boston Globe editorial, but today is not the time to consider this as an option. Worcester Airport is finally on the right track after years and years of mismanagement when owned by the City of Worcester.

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