Between my wife, daughter, brother-in-law and mother-in-law, we have approximately 10 rounds trips or 20 flights inbound and outbound with JetBlue since inception.

All outbound fights have left out of Worcester but two inbound flights were diverted to Boston. The first time my brother-in-law, with about 20 other people, were transported back in a Knight’s small bus where I picked him up. The second time my wife and daughter were able to get a cab voucher with another couple, who lived on my street, and were driven directly to our house in Holden.

The common thread with both of them was that they both told me that there was no very good communication on the ground in Boston from JetBlue as to what exactly was going to happen. In fact my wife was waiting for a bus when our neighbor spotted here and my daughter and told her that JetBlue needed a minimum of four for a cab voucher, thus they were able to get a cab. Is the cab voucher always available for a group of 4? I have no idea, but will try to find out this week. Personally I do not understand why there can not be a bus close by when this flight is diverted and passengers are bused back getting to Worcester two hours later then expected. Outbound diversions are known a day in advance and passengers are notified that they need to get their own transportation to Boston.

Is this inconvenient? Yes!
Is this a pain? Yes!
Is this a reason not to fly out of Worcester? No!
In our case we have had 18 other flights that have been incredibly convenient (No Traffic-No Tolls-No Tunnels). Average round trip from house to check in waiting at gate is less then 30 minutes. The two times inbound flight were diverted, it did take on average 2 hours and 30 minutes from landing in Boston to get to Worcester. Nobody had to pick them up. If I had to drive to Boston it would have taken me at least 2 hours and 30 minutes no to mention the traffic, tunnels, tolls and parking to get them.

My point is what is the alternative? We could have flown these ten flights out of Boston and created our own Boston diversion 20 times. My point is that we have had our own self-imposed diversion to Boston, Providence, Manchester or Hartford when we did not have commercial service out of Worcester. The times it does happen it is only a return to the way it use to be for that one flight and we should realize how great it is having JetBlue here, continue to support them and hope the CAT III Landing System gets here sooner then expected.

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