I received many insightful comments through social media after I wrote this column last week. Here is one I found really good and I wanted to share.

We recently flew from Boston to Orlando and I was told by a JetBlue agent every flight goes out 100% full to Orlando. There were a number of standbys that if were given the opportunity to be shuttled to Worcester, would be happy to go.

Does Worcester have any restaurants or newsstands? This is important and if they don’t they need some quickly put up kiosks for the busy summer months to offer food, magazines, etc. Then push this amenity.

Families would most likely be more than happy to be in less confusion and I assume the seating is 2×2 which would be a seller to my husband and I. Do an “I hate the Middle Seat” campaign. Or “Want to avoid the Dreaded Middle Seat”. When possible we fly first class to avoid it.

At the same time, however, I get comments about how expensive the tickets were trying to book one week before Spring Break. Let me take a moment to explain (for the 1,000th time) how Worcester only has 100 tickets per day to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. If you want to travel during high traffic weeks, you need to book early since these tickets will sell very fast. Other then these high volume weeks when flights sell out fast, prices out of Worcester are more then extremely competitive. I truly believe this is understood by the majority.

The one that really amazes me is how people ask, “Why does JetBlue only fly to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale?” Don’t get me wrong, it is good to ask for service to a location that you desire. It shows JetBlue that we want to expand. I think it is pretty simple and a good business plan for JetBlue to start with leisure popular destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, build these routes up, and then eventually add locations. Do people really expect JetBlue to come to an airport with no commercial service and a track history that is less then stellar with 20+ destinations within 4 months of the first flight?

We are damn lucky that JetBlue made Worcester a JetBlue city and we should support these two routes. I am sure that more destinations will follow.

Ways to show support
Not only is JetBlue a great airline, but they really believe in being a good corporate citizen. Check out some of these sites:

Blue Horizons for Austism
JetBlue Responsibility Report
STEM school support
Community Connection
First Book

Today I would like to talk about their 7th annual “One Thing That’s Green Campaign“ and how we can win it. JetBue asks their customers where they would like to see more greenery and vibrant green spaces in their neighborhoods. Why not Worcester?

Throughout the month of April, you can vote for Worcester on their Facebook page after liking the page. As of April 12th, Worcester was in first place!! Please take a moment to go to the Facebook page, Like the page, and vote early and often for Worcester on the Route Map. The final results will be posted on May 1. Let’s win this contest!

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