Alot of people bash these guys but they remind me alot of Allegiant, except that they target large cities, while Allegiant goes after secondary markets like Worcester. Both Spirit and Allegiant are good airlines and would be great assets at ORH.

Spirit (and Allegiant) charges fees for carry-on bags, checked bags, snacks, drinks, boarding passes printed at the airport and certain seat assignments, and fee revenue makes up more than 40% of total revenue. I heard their CEO, Ben Baldanza (pictured here) say he would like to see it reach 50%.

His philosophy is that the majority of people buy tickets based on price. If they see a lower ticket price, they buy it and do not consider all the other expenses. You may disagree but if I told you how many times I have told people they should consider the time it take to get to another airport, the cost of gas, the cost of tolls, the cost of parking and the long lines to check in. I tend to agree with their CEO.

I read in a recent story that the airline focus is domestic not the Caribbean and Latin America (like JetBlue). Spirit flies out of Boston already and can only help us to get them to consider Worcester.

Myrtle Beach would be the perfect choice.

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