We are about 7 weeks into JetBlue service out of Worcester, and I still give overall performance of JetBlue and the support for JetBlue in the A- range.

The one thing that I have begun to notice lately is that there does not seem to be a lot of people using ORH to connect through Fort Lauderdale or Orlando. I especially thought more people would consider ORH as an option to San Juan with the strong Latino community in Central Massachusetts.

This past weekend my friend, Angel Garcia wanted to get back to Puerto Rico January 21 and return January 28, and really did not consider Worcester as an option. Keep in mind, I have been telling him this for over one year. He at least agreed to let me do an analysis for him.

• Worcester-Orlando-San Juan
• Departs 7:45 am; arrives 3:09 pm on January 21
• San Juan-Orlando-Worcester
• Departs 6:00 am; arrives 3:10 pm on January 28
• Cost: $483.26

• Boston-San Juan
• Departs 8:55 am; arrives 1:55 pm on January 21
• San Juan-Boston
• Departs 1:29 pm; arrives 4:46 pm on January 28
• Cost: $453.00

• Hartford-San Juan
• Departs 1:00 pm; arrives 5:45 pm on January 21
• San Juan-Hartford
• Departs 6:39 pm; arrives 9:45 pm on January 28
• Cost: $332.40

Looking at one range of dates is not representation of the total picture, but I think it does show that Worcester is at least very competitive. You could even get a lower price ($383) if you connect through Fort Lauderdale but you arrive in San Juan past midnight.

I then went on Kayak and checked out Providence, Boston, Hartford, and Manchester for all airlines for these dates to San Juan. The interesting thing is I could not find any direct flights to San Juan except by JetBlue out of Boston or Hartford.

Considering the options, I will tell Angel to fly JetBlue out of Hartford.

• Easy drive for his brothers who are available
• Direct flight
• No connections
• Great price
• Great airlines

We need to keep supporting Orlando (MCO) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL) so that we get a direct flight like Hartford and Boston to San Juan. I guarantee that a direct flight out of Central Massachusetts to San Juan with JetBlue would be huge!

Bill Randell is the President of Advantage Benefits, an insurance brokerage house specializing in employee benefits with an emphasis on health insurance, based in Worcester since 1992. He can be contacted at Bill@AdvantageBenefits.com or follow him on Twitter (@FlyORH).

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