Only months ago we were up in arms trying to get JetBlue to come to the city, and now a month in no one cares anymore if we lose them if the initial fares are too high?

Only months ago we were up in arms trying to get JetBlue to come to the city, and now a month in no one cares anymore if we lose them if the initial fares are too high? First off, if you do the complete math you’d know that the total isn’t always more expensive than the airports mentioned. You will not find two people on the same flight who paid the same amount of money as the other. There will be people who paid under $100 and others will have paid over $300, fares are constantly changing. As the date approach, the fares will come down more making them very comparable.

It’s the holiday season, JetBlue knows families are booking vacations for popular break periods. They WILL fill up those planes, so why not for the time being charge a little more to make a little more? Just because those are the prices now absolutely does not mean they will be that say a month down the road. Currently there are no airlines to compete with fares months ahead, whereas at PVD, BDL and even BOS now people looking to book with JetBlue have very similar options with Southwest.

Reading some of the comments it’s like some people expected JetBlue to come in with 10 destinations 3 times a day at $89 dollars one way. Despite what many of the uninformed commenters may think, JetBlue really wants to see Worcester succeed. They have worked extensively with Massport and even came up with a phase-2 before service even commenced which includes 3 additional cities. The landing system is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later, but that’s even a couple years away.

We spend all this time talking about JetBlue we forget about the fact that Worcester is not exclusive, and other airlines will come when they see a legitimate carrier making good money out of this market, something we have not had the chance to prove until now. Massport does an incredible job recruiting airlines, they did lure in JetBlue here after all (with the help of a community effort that now looks like we’re willing to give up within the first month) and if you’ve been paying any attention to Logan lately over the course of a year they are set to launch 3 new additional international airlines with daily service. What does more airlines at ORH mean? Competition. What does competition mean? Lower prices. Even if the new flights are not to the same markets, they will lower prices to compete based on the hub-and-spoke system knowing people are willing to connect if it saves them money.

Rome wasn’t built overnight. If JetBlue is in-fact gone in 18 months, it is not their fault but ours. Make excuses all you want but the ball is in our court.

One more note and just to show how much research was done into the article Worcester was not singled out in the thought of closing it’s control tower. The FAA sequester cuts to close hundreds of control towers across the nation was a short-lived idea and never gained any ground after a week or so test because of the obvious safety risks and incredible delays. But for sake of argument let’s say they go through with the sequester, Worcester would not be at risk to have it’s tower shut down because JetBlue would guarantee 10,000 passengers making ORH meet the standards to leave it open. And if you really want to look into it, Worcester would probably be better off because people would spend the extra dollar to avoid the inevitable multi-hour delays that came out of the sequester. The control tower is at no risk to be shut down, and in fact should probably be looked at to keep open longer so that way the return flight from FLL comes into a towered airport especially in inclement weather (currently it closes at 9) which I’m sure will change sometime in the future.

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