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Last week the CEO of Massport, Tom Glynn, spoke at a Corridor 9 Chamber of Commerce event.

He said based on the flights being booked this winter, JetBlue is considering adding as many as six more flights out of Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) to other destinations such as New York and Washington, D.C. The decision to add more flights, however, will hinge on area residents choosing to fly out of the city.

FlyORH column has been saying pretty much the same thing, which really is no big revelation. It is Business 101. If JetBlue makes money on their Orlando and Fort Lauderdale out of Worcester starting November 7, they will add either more flights or destinations. The future of ORH depends on these two routes and it is up to the people of Central Massachusetts and beyond to make this happen.

There are no more excuses.

We have the right airline (JetBlue) with competitive prices and the right owner (Massport). Why do I say Massport is the right owner? The City of Worcester neither had the money that needed to be invested into ORH, especially Category III landing equipment, nor had the influence to convince JetBlue to initiate service here.

Now and later
What can you do right now, today, to support JetBlue:

Join JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue
Review JetBlue AmEx card promotion
Book a flight out of Worcester for your Florida trip.
Follow FlyORH on Twitter for the latest developments.
Like Worcester Airport on Facebook

Now for some predictions:

JetBlue will be successful with these two routes
Do not see a New York or DC route in the immediate future
The addition of a Florida Gulf Coast or San Juan destination more likely
Allegiant will be taking a close look at Worcester
Spirit Airlines will look closely at adding a Worcester to Myrtle Beach route
It is about one month away, November 7, to the beginning of the transformation of ORH into an asset for the Central Massachusetts. We are about to take off.

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