Let’s face some facts.


Let’s face some facts.

We have an airport with no airlines with no passengers. We are dam lucky that we have JetBlue taking a big chance on Worcester. I am thankful that we are getting this chance.

Some people expect day 1 for Worcester to have the same prices as Boston? JetBlue has been flying there over ten years and has 120 flights per day? Not to mention JetBlue has competition in Boston. We have no flights and no competition.

We have four airports within one hour of Worcester. No mater what price jetBlue has, you are going to find a cheaper price out of Manchester-Boston-Providence-Hartford. All I want is a dependable airline that gives a competitive price.

We got it with JetBlue. Today the prices for May and June (thru the 18th) came out with an average of $200. I think that is a great price. Did you really expect $100?

Personally I will spend the $200 to fly out of Worcester, support the local economy and feel that this will lead to more flights,more airlines and better pricing.

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