Over the past couple of months, I have written how we have a lot of great things happening at ORH (Worcester Regional Airport).

Over the past couple of months, I have written how we have a lot of great things happening at ORH (Worcester Regional Airport). The right owner, Massport, and a great airline, JetBlue, starting to fly daily to Orlando (MCO) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL) daily starting November 7.

I know JetBlue will do whatever they need to do to market these flights, but we (Massport) really need to rebrand ORH to get the message out on all the positive developments at ORH. Some of the things we have discussed here:

Make the terminal a destination. T1 at ORH like T4 at JFK.
Hire a spokesperson to convey the latest positive developments at ORH.
Today I want to look no further then JetBlue and their Badges Program. The bottom line with this program is that you earn points if you support JetBlue by either promoting their company through social media, fly with their airline or do business with their partners. From what I have read, it has been wildly successful.

Here are my stats:

William R ranks 1232
20,347 points, of which 1,400 have been earned through badges
Level 3

Jason Cole, row27 CEO

Why can’t Massport initiate a rewards program for people who support Worcester Regional Airport (ORH)? If you promote ORH through social media, fly out of ORH or do business with their partners, then you earn points.

For a solution, look no further than the row27 FanMaker program. Currently used by more than 70 universities, professional sports teams, entertainment events, and clothing brands, FanMaker would allow ORH to reward travelers for each way they interact with the airport.

According to Jason Cole, CEO of row27, “FanMaker is a comprehensive loyalty program that incentivizes and rewards every interaction a customer has with a brand, including social media engagement, ticket purchases, sponsor and partner interaction, and a host of other activities. The program would boost the visibility of ORH within the state and region, as well as provide additional incentive to fly JetBlue out of the airport.”

Massport in turn could work with JetBlue whereby you can exchange these points for TrueBlue points. If it was a good idea for JetBlue, it would be a good idea for Massport too.

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