Applying for a 350,000 grant.

Applying for a 350,000 grant. Very interesting, click her for the link. Here are the hi-lights:

If the MCO/FLL services are successful, JetBlue intends to add services to other top Florida destinations and connecting hubs at New York JFK and San Juan, which would further expand Worcester’s connectivity to the national air transportation system. A New York JFK service would connect with up to 56 destinations while a San Juan route would connect with up to six destinations in the Caribbean based on JetBlue’s current network.
In addition to Massport’s cash contribution ($150,000) and airport fee waivers ($349,003), the state and local community have pledged $300,000 in non- airport cash and $20,000 of in-kind contributions to raise awareness of the new services among local passengers, as well as visitors from Central/South Florida, and ensure the long-term sustainability of airline services at ORH.
The total project cost is $1,169,003 to provide marketing and promotional support for the JetBlue services to their MCO/FLL focus cities, beyond connecting markets, and future JetBlue services to Fort Myers and their New York JFK and San Juan connecting hubs; destination marketing to increase inbound passenger traffic and strengthen the routes; and airport cost waivers. The community will provide 70 % ($819,003) of the project cost in the form of cash and in-kind contributions. Of this, non-airport sources will provide 27 % ($320,000) of the total program cost in the form of cash and in-kind contributions.
Since JetBlue services at Worcester will commence November 7, 2013, shortly after grants are awarded, grant monies to promote and market the new services will be used in a timely manner. Massport and JetBlue have already developed a marketing and promotion plan to raise local awareness of Worcester Airport and the new services. Funds allocated to the project will be used to supplement JetBlue’s local advertising campaign, to market ORH and the Central Massachusetts region to residents of Central and South Florida, to monitor new services once they begin, and to promote and market future JetBlue services to Fort Myers and the New York JFK and San Juan hubs should the MCO/FLL services succeed.
Frequent nonstop services to MCO/FLL will allow Worcester passengers to connect to more than a dozen markets in JetBlue’s growing Caribbean and Latin American networks including San Juan, Santo Domingo, San Jose (Costa Rica) and Bogota. These connecting opportunities will appeal not only to leisure passengers but also to business passengers from companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories that have facilities in Central Massachusetts and Caribbean markets served by JetBlue.
The president of Worcester-based Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives, local college administrators, area business executives, and civic leaders from Central Massachusetts participated in a luncheon with the JetBlue CEO and local citizens also showed their commitment and enthusiasm for JetBlue services through a social media video campaign.
In Phase 1 of its Worcester expansion, JetBlue is expected to add additional flight frequencies to MCO and FLL, which would increase beyond connecting opportunities for Worcester passengers. If this is successful, in Phase 2, Massport expects JetBlue to add new nonstop services that would further increase Worcester’s access to top O&D destinations through a combination of nonstop and connecting services. New nonstop markets are likely to include Fort Myers, New York JFK and San Juan.
Check out phase 2 map on page 18.

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