Fast forward, the Super Bowl was last week and Groundhog’s Day has passed. The doldrums of winter have settled in and you want to get out of town. The only place you can fly out of ORH are Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, right?

I remember when a group of us got together (Tim McDonald, Tom Moore, Dave Stead, and Tim DeSantis, to name a few) many years ago to attract an airline to ORH. We set a goal to get JetBlue flights to just JFK (JetBlue hub) out of ORH from which you can then connect to anywhere JetBlue flies. In fact, we even got the JetBlue flight planner, Dave Ulmer, to come to ORH and showed him a video of a blue line in the road from Route 290 to ORH.bogota

The same principal applies to the daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, which start November 7th. You can use these destinations as a means to get to other destinations. How about a trip to Bogotá, Colombia or San Juan, Puerto Rico, out of Worcester leaving February 3rd, 2014 and returning February 7th, 2014:

Bogotá, Colombia: $565.40 including taxes or 33,100 TrueBlue points and $70.50 in taxes.
San Juan, PR: $354.27 including taxes or 22,000 TrueBlue Points and $10 in taxes.

San Juan, however, I feel will become a huge destination out of Worcester. In fact, I think a billboard off Route 290 in Worcester advertising flights to San Juan should be on deck.

JetBlue is a lot more then just Orlando and Fort Lauderdale out of ORH starting November 7th

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