Last week’s column was supposed to be the last one on JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue, unless anything new develops. Something developed. Monday I received an e-mail regarding a new way to earn points, TrueBlue Badges.

To find out what TrueBlue Badges is, I logged on to my TrueBlue account (17,944 points), clicked on the Badges link on the left and took the tutorial to earn my first badge. After completing the tutorial I received a Welcome badge (pictured below) and a True Believer badge, which may have been there before the tutorial?loyalty badge

What is this American Express badge? I need to go charge something on my American Express card to earn this badge. Twitter and Facebook badges were easy. Don’t understand this Promoter badge? It is time to tweet Dave Canty (@TremDave), who told me to go to the Friends tab under Badges and invite 5 friends. Done, I am now at Level 2!

5 Badges
TrueBeliever-0 points
Welcome-100 points
Facebook-500 points
Twitter-500 points (badge says 250 but activity credits 500)
Promoter-50 points

I have earned 1,150 points bringing my total to 19,094. My American Express badge, however, has not come through yet? Right now on the leader board, I (William R.) am ranked 206th. From here I can earn more badges as I fly to new cities that JetBlue serves and I imagine they will keep coming up with creative ways to earn new badges.

Great idea TrueBlue! Let’s hope they have some badges geared toward junior TrueBlue members?

Updated TrueBlue cheat notes:
First, you need to sign up.
Earn 8 per points per dollar spent with JetBlue Getaway Vacation Packages.
Earn 6 points per dollar spent on tickets that you by for yourself booked on-line.
If you books tickets over the phone, you only earn 3 points and are charged $20 person per flight.
You do not earn points for tickets that you by for someone else. If you are buying tickets for children, open TrueBlue account for them
If you use your JetBlue Amex card, you earn approximately one point for each dollar spent. Eight points, when you buy JetBlue tickets.
JetBlue has a currently has a great promotion. If you open a JetBlue AmEx card and spend $1,000 over the first 3 months, you will get a 20,000 TrueBlue points.
Badges collection is a great way to earn more points.
Points never expire
No blackouts

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