Part 4 of my story on JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue. Could this be the last part, stay tuned to next Thursday. Quick review:


Part 4 of my story on JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue. Could this be the last part, stay tuned to next Thursday. Quick review:

Earn 6 points per dollar spent on tickets that you by for yourself booked on-line.
If you books tickets over the phone, you only earn 3 points and are charged $20 person per flight.
If you use your JetBlue Amex card, you earn approximately one point for each dollar spent. Eight points, when you buy JetBlue tickets.
JetBlue has a currently has a great promotion. If you open a JetBlue AmEx card and spend $1,000 over the first 3 months, you will get a 20,000 TrueBlue points.
Points never expire
No blackouts
You do not earn points for tickets that you by for someone else. If you are buying tickets for children, open TrueBlue account for them
Before I go any further, let me tell you how much I love my JetBlue application on my IPhone. I can instantly check to see how many points I have (17,944) and see my itinerary for my upcoming trip out of ORH in November. This application will also allow me to check in, but not able to do mobile passes out of ORH.

Now back to TrueBlue’s latest offer, which you can find under “Current Deals”. Check out “Buy points” now through July 31st:

Buy between 2,000 – 9,500 get 20% bonus points
Buy between 10,000 – 19,500 to get 30% bonus points
Buy between 20,000 – 29,500 to get 40% bonus points
Buy 30,000 to get 50% bonus points
If I wanted to buy 10,000 points, it would cost me 327.88. Since there is a 30% bonus, I would get 13,000 points. Now let’s look at an example of me flying to Fort Lauderdale January 8th and returning January 15th, it would cost me either 235.30 in cash or 16,800 points plus $5 cash. I would be better off spending $235.30 on the flight and saving the 102.58, versus spending $327.88 to buy 13,000 points and still be 3,800 points and $5 short.

If I bought 30,000 points for a cost 886.88 to get 45,000 points (15,000 bonus), the effective cost is .019 cents per point. On the other hand, a $235.50 ticket divided by 16,800 equals .014 cents per point. I am still better off using cash versus buying points. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of TrueBlue, but I will not be buying any points through this promotion.

One thing that did catch my eye was that JetBlue triples points when you fly certain destinations. Maybe JetBlue will consider targeting Worcester for triple points? How good does the JetBlue billboard on Route 290 look advertising service out of ORH!!

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