Third week on JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue. Keys points so far:

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Third week on JetBlue frequent flier program, TrueBlue. Keys points so far:

Earn 6 points per dollar spent on tickets that you by for yourself booked on-line.
If you books tickets over the phone, you only earn 3 points and are charged $20 person per flight.
If you use your JetBlue Amex card, you earn approximately one point for each dollar spent.
Currently JetBlue has a promotion that if you open and spend $1,000 over the first 3 months, you will get a 20,000 TrueBlue points.
You do not earn points for tickets that you by for someone else.
Only the person who flies can earn the points. For example, if you buy a ticket for a child, you do not earn points for these flown miles. Your child, however, can open a TrueBlue account and have the points credited to their own account for tickets that you buy for them.

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This is exactly what we have done for our daughter. Upon reviewing her account online, my daughter, Vangella, asked me how she could earn TrueBlue points herself. Since she will neither have a AmEx card of be buying tickets anytime soon for herself, there is no way that she can actually earn TrueBlue points herself. We think this could change just like the points were changed to never expire.

Here are a couple ideas we came up with:

Online quizzes about JetBlue for junior TrueBlue members
Contests solely for junior TrueBlue members.
TrueBlue junior members attain certain awards; for example, Eagle Scouts and National Honor Society are given points.
Right now I have way too many cards in my wallet. On the other hand my daughter has none. She would be thrilled to get a JetBlue card in the mail with her TrueBlue number and name on it. Why do all of this? They loyalty that JetBlue would build with this market would last a lifetime!

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