On the main page of this website, I urger people to:

On the main page of this website, I urger people to:

Enroll in JetBlue frequent flier program, True Blue.
Check out the JetBlue AmEx card where you can earn points. In particular you earn 20,000 points, if you spend $1,000 on the card during the first three months you have the card
Buy tickets.

Recently Jose tweeted that he did in fact 1) get a jetBlue AmEx card and 2) spent $1,000 during the first 3 months and earned 20,000 points. What do points equate to? Lets check out a flight

Dec 14 Worcester to Fort Lauderdale
Dec 27 Fort Lauderdale to Worcester
256 dollars round trip dollar cost
At that top you can change the option from dollars to points

same flights
round trip points 17,800
$5 cash
Bottom line, Jose could pay for this round trip flight with the 20,000 points he just earned and have 2,200 points left over.

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