would not support the slots if we did not have state run “slots” that sell

I would not support the slots if we did not have state run “slots” that sell

15 dollar scratch tickets
36 two dollar scratch tickets
28 five dollar tickets
13 ten dolar tickets
8 20 dolar tickets
Keno to go
Mass Cash
MegaBucks Doubler
Lucky for Life
Lucky for Life
Not to mention

Bingo in local churches
Twin Rivers
Mohegan Sun
Las Vegas
Atlantic City
on line gambling
three proposed casinos in Massachusetts
If our community did not need the additional tax revenues or jobs, then I would not support the slots. None of this obviously happens to be the case. That said, I do have concerns before I can fully support the slots:

Millions and millions has been spent on the Route 146 extension to make Worcester easily accessible. A slot parlor off Kelly Square could cause many traffic problems.
Anyone who says this would bring drugs and prostitution to Worcester makes me wonder, if they leave their house. I just don’t want a slot parlor to make the drugs and prostitution worse.
I do not want people to come to Worcester, park at the slot parlor and drive right home.
The Host agreement needs to address these three concerns in order to get my support. Imagine traffic plans can be created, a police substation within the casino and a shuttle bus that loops around the city every 30 minutes could satisfy my concerns.

During the past month I have heard many other alternative proposals for this site. One from John Carnegie to make Worcester a Google Fiber City, I liked a lot. The thing that I need to remember is this is private property. Completely different then property owned by the City of Worcester, like the public library or the South Worcester Industrial Park. It is up to the owner to determine who they want to sell their property to, not us.

The one that kills me the most, however, is that these are low paying jobs? I believe in capitalism and good old fashioned supply and demand. Myself, I think there will be a line from Kelly Square to the airport when the job interviews start for these” low paying jobs”. And for those who say, how would you like the slots in Holden? Please bring them to Holden, we could use the additional tax revenues.

Lastly, we now have direct daily service to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando with a great airline, JetBlue. Imagine working for the Central Mass Visitors Bureau trying to recruit a convention to Worcester from Florida:

Direct service with JetBlue
Fall foliage
Hanover Theatre
Visit local colleges
Slot parlor
New hotel downtown
Sorry, people that go on convention are attracted by slot parlors.

Bottom line, I have concerns about the slot parlor and can not 100% support it until I see the final Host Agreement, but I have confidence in our City Manager that my concerns will be addressed. We will soon find out.

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