Phil Sciascia, owner of Traditions Limousine, has helped us at least 20 times driving either ourselves, my brother-in-law or mother-in-law getting to and back from Logan Airport.

He started Traditions back in 2006 after 40 years in the corrugated box industry mainly working for Star Container and Rand Whitney. This is not Phil’s first time in the limo business, he worker for his parents limo company back the 1960’s for 15 years. Phil has three vehicles a sedan, SUV and a van to accommodate various sized groups.

1) How many trips per week do you make to Logan?

20 to 25 per week.

2) Where do you fares mainly go?

Orlando, West Palm, Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers.

3) Leisure of Business Travelers?

Mostly all leisure

4) How do you feel about JetBlue coming to ORH?

Little nervous about lost fares to Logan, but think I can make up for it with fares to ORH.

5) How much would you charge me to pick me up in the sedan and drive my wife, daughter and myself to ORH from Holden?


6) Then pick me up from the return flight for the same $30?


7) Have you had any famous passengers?

Yes. Deion Branch, Carlton Fisk and Trot Nixon.

8) How does it feel to be the official limo driver for FlyORH?

I am thrilled beyond words.

Phil, thanks for your time. We will be using Phil anytime we fly out of ORH. The $60 round trip to avoid any parking fees or to inconvenience any friends is money well spent. Not to mention no parking fees. If you would like a quote from Phil, call him at 508-887-6551 or send him an e-mail.

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