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JetBlue Playbook

JetBlue Playbook
November:    Our goal is to have JetBlue start daily service with one flight per day to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale with their 100 seat Embraer 190. May:    If JetBlue is coming, they will anounce in May.   In order to make this a reality.  The airport needs to: address any concerns JetBlue has with the airport and infrastructure put togethe [...]

True Blue Points “transferred&#...

True Blue Points “transferred” on my statment?
Looking at my JetBlue credit card statement I saw 1,111 points was transferred to my account.   For a second I thought it was my GM card and I was losing points.   I know I have  more points then that.  I went on line and sure enough I have 13,270!! What is this 1,111 points being “transferred” all about–did I lose these poi [...]

Unused True Blue Points can go to cha...

Unused True Blue Points can go to charity
I had a GM card and accumulated close to 4,000 points. Eventually started looking at a used car or leasing and found out I could not use the card to buy new GM cars.    Then I noticed I started losing points every month since the points expired.   In the end I never ever used one frigin point!!   to this day I would never ever buy a GM card.  [...]