Who Runs This Worcester Airport Page?

To be very clear, this page is not run by Massport, the owners of Worcester Regional Airport (ORH)!!

I am a local businessman, who have been a supporter of ORH for many years, and believes this will eventually be a huge asset for the City of Worcester. As a result I created this site many years to help see this us reach the potential I know that we have here.

That does not mean, however, I will not criticize when I see what I consider bad ideas. Look forward to posting my opinions and debating them with you.


Bill Randell
Cell 508-414-8305

Address: 375 Airport Dr, Worcester, MA 01602, USA
Code: ORH
Phone: +1 508-849-5550
Owner: Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
Aircraft Operations (2017): 36,032
Based Aircraft (2018): 74