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1 Win And 15 Losses

In the 1970's we had our SI Jim Plunkett poster and supported our home team through all the ups and downs, long before the current Patriots dynasty began. The highlight being "Squish The Fish" on the run to the 1986 Super Bowl, while the lowlight was the 1-15 Patriots in 1990 under Rod Rust.

After splitting the first two games, tight end Zeke Mowatt, running back Robert Perryman and wide receiver Michael Timpson allegedly stood in front of Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson (pictured at the top) semi-naked and sexually harassed her in the Patriots locker room at Foxboro Stadium after Monday practice. A media firestorm followed and the Patriots never recovered losing the next 14 games and the Patriots’ negative-265 point-differential (181 points scored, 446 points surrendered) was the worst total of the 1990s.

At the end of the season, in a locker room interview Rod Rust commented that he was proud of his team. Even after this horrible season, we were still Patriot fans, but far from "proud of this team". Thankfully management agreed and made big changes.

In 1991 the Patriot brought in Dick MacPherson and won 6 games but played much better. Before you knew it, we had Parcells and Bledsoe in 1993 and the rest is history with the Krafts taking ownership in 1994. Make no mistake 1990 was a low point being a fan of the Patriots, but look how fast they turned it around!! The key thing here is the Patriot management realized that major changes had to be made after 1990.

As a fan of Worcester Airport, we see some similarities to the currrent situation and the 1990 Patriots, but the difference being the Patriots realized that they were 1-15 and changes need to be made. At Worcester Airport, leadership thinks we are a play-off team ( insert Jim Mora voice ) going in the right direction refusing to believe there are any problems.

We are not saying that we are 1-15, but we are not a play-off team. In has been 8 years now that Massport has take ownership of Worcester Airport investing over $100 milllion in its infrastructure, including over $30 million for CAT III landing system. Our record is now is 200,000 passenger annually, which maybe at best is 3-13.

In our recent radio interview, our Airport Director maintained:

1) American Airlines 1 flight per day has 80% loads.
2) Delta to Detroit arriving at 6:45 is good for Worcester Airport
3) We can not fill a 150 seat plane to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale

If there is one thing that we have proven here in Worcester from the days of Jim Plunkett through Allegiant Air, Direct Air and now JetBlue is that we can support Florida flights. Currently we are past 5 years of 80+% loads with our daily flights to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO) with an afternoon schedule on the unreliable higher ticket priced Embraer 190 (100 seats) from JetBlue.

We deserve the more reliable lower ticket priced Airbus 320 (150 seats) from JetBlue flying early morning to MCO and FLL with a late evening return. There is no doubt in our mind that we could fill this plane with the same loads, if not higher. This is a change that needs to happen and we dare say would happen it the current management of the Patriots ran ORH.

As far as American and 80% loads?? Although we think American is doing better there has been way too many cancellations and diversions. In retrospect we should not allow plane service whose planes can not use our 30+ million dollar CAT III landing equipment system, which is the case with American. That has been a big mistake and we simply do not believe the current loads are 80%.

As far as Delta this reminds us of the Patriots drafting Eugene Chung in the 1st round as the 13th overall pick in the NFL draft. Everyone thinks Patrick Chung was the the first Chung to be a Patriot, but it was actually Eugene who stayed with the Patriots only 3 years. Arriving at 6:45 PM in Detroit, we think Eugene Chung's patriot career will be longer then Delta's flight from Worcester to Detroit.

After the 1990 season, the Patriots made changes and we are enjoying maybe one of the greatest dynasties in sports the past 20 years. Imagine if the Patriots had made no changes after that season and said that they were proud of the team like their coach had said?

Worcester Airport needs to realizes when things are not working, admit it when it is not and make changes like the Patriots and not pretend everything is going great. If they do not we will never reach our potential.

JFK loads are increasing! We need a mid-day turn to make this route successful.

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User Comments

Timothy MacDonald

commented on 2019-07-09 16:32:53

Bill, I understand what you are saying and ORH has a ways to go before it wins over the public as a viable alternative to BOS and PVD. It doesn’t make sense to have a single flights on business flights with odd times to a hub. It’s hard to expect real business travelers to use it. I hope the times and amount of flights change and we can see how those routes work. Also multiple destinations to Florida would be successful and promoting ORH as the way for central Massachusetts to get to Florida is a great idea for Worcester Airport. On a side note the Delta, Eugene Chung and Patrick Chung analogy's were a little confusing.

Vytas Bazikas

commented on 2019-08-26 06:49:29

Worcester Airport had an opportunity to become a true Logan relief airport back in the 80's when the state was looking for locations to build a second airport. I can't recall the years now---but Worcester airport was hitting its historical peak in terms of passengers with flights from several different carriers. The state was willing to foot the bill for an airport access road but all the NIMBY folks rallied to shut down any possibility of that happening. That essentially killed Worcester's best and perhaps only chance to develop a strong and viable regional and maybe even international airport. And honestly, the unjustified fears from airport neighbors that Worcester skies would be crowded with hundreds of planes per day was never going to be the reality even in the most aggressive growth scenario. Additionally--- the airport pre-existed many of the neighboring housing developments and had the right to grow and be successful. We all know Worcester Airport's sad history since then. If Worcester continues to develop and prosper---demand will help to drive growth at the airport---but it will be painfully slow as it has been since Massport purchased it. Direct and Easy access from i-290 and/or even i-90 is essential. The current local road options are not and will NEVER be acceptable for most non-Worcester travelers. Both TF Green and Manchester Airports have built direct access roads from the highways and have generally flourished and grown since. We need to learn from our past bad decisions. We need to welcome opportunities and not shut them down like the NIMBY folks did without even fully exploring, considering and positively influencing the development to make it acceptable for all parties involved. Today, an environmentally conscious and respectful access road solution can be worked out with collaboration and if the funding is ever made available again. It would also strongly demonstrate Massachusetts' commitment to bring travelers to Worcester airport. Category 3 ILS was an important add to make Worcester Airport more reliable given its geography---but airlines will not bring in larger planes that have the capability to leverage that technology if they will not be able to fill those planes. Unless a concerted effort is made by the state of Massachusetts, the City of Worcester and Massport to transform Worcester into a true complementary airport to Logan---don't expect much. We will continue to see the symbolic "scrap" flights thrown our way by carriers to appease Massport as those airlines continue their drive to compete and add more flights at Logan. A few flights will keep getting added in Worcester, others will get dropped---and the cycle will keep repeating itself. We will wait and watch like salivating hungry dogs for a new flight to be announced and launched as we have been, and then ridiculously celebrate with water cannon salutes on the tarmac. Worcester airport needs the same aggressive development approach as the city administration has taken with downtown development over the last decade to be able to succeed. A "Go for it" attitude is essential to make our airport dreams a reality---for the benefit of our community and beyond. Let's continue to show the world what a great, dynamic, attractive, and prosperous city -- Worcester is.

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