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Direct To Domincian Republic Would Do Well In Worcester

Sun Country will start with one flight per week to the Dominican Republic starting in November followed by a 2nd flight to be added in December. Providence Journal column.

Here is a short part of it:

“We have very strong community support,” said Iftikhar Ahmad, chief executive of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, the state agency that runs Green and five smaller state-owned airports. “They asked for it.”

As Jorge Elorza, mayor of Providence, put it: Rhode Island is home to 40,000 Dominicans, the largest Latino group in the state. “This is a big deal,” Elorza said. “This is a very, very big deal.”

Ahmad said of the size of the Dominican population in Rhode Island: “It will be able to support a flight.”

Ahmad also expects Green’s convenient size will attract travelers who might otherwise go to Boston Logan International Airport. He said parking is cheaper and security screening is quicker at Green. And, because Green has limited international service, passing through customs on the way back is quicker, too, he said. “You’re not standing in a long line like they do at Logan. You’re the only flight.”

This is exactly the types of flights we need to be getting. Sun Country started at TF Green with flights to Mineapolis-Saint Paul in April out of TF Green and have already announced New Orleans and Las Vegas in September. These flights will all do well out of TF Green, while our next new service being Delta to Detroit will struggle badly..

We already hhave two legacy carriers struggling with flights to their hubs and we add a 3rd legacy carrier to Detroit?? The numbers on this flight will be below 40% loads. Delta starts this new service in August, anyone see any ads for this?????

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User Comments

Common Sense

commented on 2019-05-28 13:10:55

I travel to Punta Cana twice a year for leisure. I have always used Logan without any problems. As I've said many times before, these airlines are making business decisions to fly out of airports that will give them the best load factors and profitability. It's quite obvious that they don't see ORH as being one of those airports. I have said many times that many airlines see ORH as redundant. The fact that ORH is within one hour of four major airports will prevent it from being any type of reliever for Logan. ORH was without commercial service for years before JetBlue came here. You think that caused any people in our area to stop flying all together? They just chose to fly out of one of the other four airports. Although ORH may be more convenient for some travelers it comes with the risk of having a flight severely delayed or cancelled (without having any other options). The recent incidents of the whack job stealing a fuel truck and a dead body turning up doesn't help either. The death occurred almost a week ago and we still haven't heard from Massport or the state police what happened.

Bill Holmberg

commented on 2019-05-29 03:10:00

Be reminded that the instrument landing is a two sided hw/SF item. The runway at orh is all set. However, the jets must also have it. Jet Blue does. Will Delta and American? Without it, fog and snow will cancel your flight. The struggle (@ 1000') is real.

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