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Rest Of The Year Is Key Time For Worcester Airport


Fort Lauderdale and Orlando continues to be steady with loads in the 80+ range. After 5 years, however, we are disappointed that:

1) Flights have not changed to an early morning departure, after the installation of CAT III. Loads would increase dramatically for not only people traveling to these two locations, but connection possibilities would increase dramatically.
2) Changes like this probably would bring the Airbus 320 (150 seats), replacing the Embraer 190 (100 seats)
3) A Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico direct flight has not been added.

JFk seems to be doing better, but without a second turn this flight will never have full flights. Please a second mid-day turn to JFK and you will see 80+ loads.


It was bad news when they cut back in the summer, but American also seems to be do better. If we can have any success marketing the airport and if American were to sink some money into advertising, this flight has a chance. Although the planes are not CAT III equipped, keep in mind their pilots (if not already) should be CAT II certified soon.

It is key right now that they go back to two flights per day and that this schedule change is not permanent. If they do not, this flight will not make it.



We just do not see this flight starting in August having any chance. Although it was announced to be two flights per day to Detroit, we only will be having one. Even if we had two, however, we do not see this as making a difference.

There is nothing this flight offers that we do not have currently with JetBlue to JFK and American to Philadelphia. We should talk to Delta about Florida Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico, or maybe even Atlanta?

Moxy and Xtra Airways

Two new ultra low cost carriers (ULCC) will start over the next 12 months. We have discussed here many times Moxy Airlines that is being started by JetBlue founder Deve Neeleman , but now we also have Xtra Airways . This airline is being started by the former President of Allegiant, Andrew Levy.

Both of these airlines will be targeting second tier airports. Nothing says second tier airport more then Worcester Airport. We have had no luck attracting either Allegiant or Frontier, we need to get one of these airlines to come to Worcester.

Please note that when these two airlines start, their names will not be either Moxy or Xtra

Wish List

1) JetBlue moves Fort Lauderdale and Orlando to morning departure times and brings in the Airbus 320.
2) JetBlue adds a second mid-day JFk turn and a Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico direct flight.
3) American is able to turn it around and have two flights per day to Philadelphia with loads over 80% by the end of the year.
4) Delta never starts the Detroit flight, this will fail. Have them fly direct to a leisure destination of Florida Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico.
5) Moxy or Xtra come to Worcester Airport.

Next 8 months are huge for Worcester Airport.

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User Comments

Jack Izzo

commented on 2019-04-07 08:38:55

To see the return of flights between, Worcester (ORH) and Punta Gorda (PGD).

Jack Izzo

commented on 2019-04-07 08:38:56

To see the return of flights between, Worcester (ORH) and Punta Gorda (PGD).


commented on 2019-04-07 08:44:33



commented on 2019-04-07 08:44:34



commented on 2019-04-07 09:24:07

Even JetBlue to Fort Myers would be a no-brainer.

Maureen Lemieux

commented on 2019-04-07 09:35:01

Please add a flight to Ft Myers FL.


commented on 2019-04-07 09:39:35

Flights to and from Sarasota would be awesome.

Sean Spicer

commented on 2019-04-07 12:56:52

I would like to see a carrier that would fly from Worcester to either Norfolk or Newport News, Virginia. ... I believe that this would make it easier to get to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

Dr. Peter Audette

commented on 2019-04-08 05:35:56

Fort Myers would be attractive

Wayne Dejnak

commented on 2019-04-08 10:14:34

We would love to take a spur of the moment bargain fare out of Worcester this Spring and Summer. As semi-retired couple, we love to do quick trips to various locations, stay a night or two, and come back. Hope we can do this with ORH soon.

Mary mcglynn

commented on 2019-04-10 08:48:36

Please a flight to Washington DC area

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