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Now People Starting To Realize We Need Advertising??

Monday Morning Post broke the news about the schedule change from 14 to 4 flights per week. All the other media outlets picked up on this and ran with it, but not one attibuted the breaking news to FlyORH?

Since that time, we have discovered that we found this out before Massport, the Massport Chairman of the board, the Lt Governor and our own Airport Director? We honeslty hope that this is not true!! If it is , that is kind of scary??

Here are some other random thoughts:

1) We have criticized Massport and the airlines for not advertising services in Worcester for over a year. Nobody refuted that by saying that they were doing advertising. Instead the comments were along the lines, that they should start doing more advertising? Chalk up under "better late then never".

2) Delta to Detroit has no chance. August 2nd is the first flight and sales are horrible!!!! Are we really going to them start this flight and have them slash it after 6 months??? Anyone seeing advertising, that they start August 2nd?? If this stays as bad as it looks from here, you may see this service start date delayed.

Granted it is early, but still what will trigger sales??

3) Direct Air and Allegiant filled planes to places like Punta Gorda and Sanford, Delta direct flight daily to the Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico would be at least 80% every day?? But since we are not "aviation experts", you should not listen!!

4) Next month when JetBlue announces service to Europe from Boston and JFk, it will be London and Amsterdam. This will make Logan even more congested? How about moving some flights to Worcester??

5) We are simply not ready to be an airport that business travelers will take seriously. We will be some day, but we are not one now. Focus on leisure travel and direct flights to Florida, Myrtle Beach and Purto Rico.

6) We need an airport spokesman, for the 1000th time Worcester Native Denis Leary.

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commented on 2019-03-14 07:33:50

So far all the congestion relief has gone to Providence. Worcester isn’t relieving anything right now, what a shame. It’s amazing we don’t have a gulf coast flight with the amount of requests we have had but rather Detroit.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-03-14 07:59:04

The airlines are out to make money and maximize profits. Maybe they don't see the financial benefit of flying out of ORH when they could just as easily use those assets at an existing airport. Even the two JB FL flights we have could be redeployed to one of their other airports and get 80% load numbers. So other than to placate Massport, there is really no financial benefit for them to be here. I don't see how ORH is ever going to be attractive to the business traveler. The main benefits for flying out of ORH are cheap parking and quick processing through security checkpoints. Well, business travelers get their travel expenses reimbursed. Most would sacrifice longer wait times for the comfort of knowing they have multiple flight options if their flight is delayed or cancelled. I just don't see it.


commented on 2019-03-14 09:18:15

The problem is reliability not destination. Massport spent 30 milllion on CAT III and is flying in AC that can’t use it. How many American flights were cancelled because the couldn’t utilize CAT III. Business travelers need reliable service. If Massport had said we’d rather have one flight a day on a larger AC that could use CAT III it would’ve been better than 2 flights that can’t use CAT III. We know Worcester has a fog problem, that’s why they spent 30 million bucks. We need the right aircrafts.


commented on 2019-03-14 20:37:50

For the record, Massport had a half page ad in the Worcester Telegram earlier this week advertising ORH, airlines, flights and times including the upcoming Delta to Detroit flight. Yes, there are people who still subscribe to and read the Telegram (like me!). Also, for the record, I made my flight plans for Florida in late May. As much as I prefer using ORH, I'm flying out of Boston. Not because of possible weather cancellations and such but because fares are much less expensive out of Boston.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-03-15 08:19:42

The T&G does serve a useful purpose. It's great to keep in the bathroom when you run out of toilet paper. I'm a regular commenter on the T&G electronic subscription website. If you follow it you will see the same people making comments. That means that people are not reading the paper anymore or just don't care what's happening in Worcester. Either way it's not good. The negative PR on the AA downsizing is going to scare some people away that have given ORH a second or third chance over the years. Billboard, radio and TV ads are much more effective than print ads in a paper that few people read anymore. The T&G has recently downsized its staff at their Mercantile office in an attempt to stop the bleeding

Sentido comun

commented on 2019-03-15 13:50:02

Hey CS. Same few commenters on T&G? Your giving same credibility to this blog. Looks like you,Wayne,Dylan, are the only readers here. Of course me too, but only for the comedic value of reading blogs from someone who thinks he knows how to run airlines and airports.


commented on 2019-03-16 03:03:33

They may be the same commenters, but we can assure you that different people are viewing the blog. Page views especially this week have been through the roof. Thanks for your time as well though! It is funny no matter how empty JFK and PHL are it doesn’t even come close to the train wreck that is Rectrix to the Cape. We have really stopped blogging about failed business ventures however since Ross came in and took over finally providing them with competent aviation professionals. Can’t wait for BWI though!!!!

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