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What Is The Definition Of Insanity Again?

Lets take a second to assess our current situation:

1) We have two direct flights to leisure destinations that average about 80% loads for over five years, without the best times or the cheapest prices.
2) We have two legacy carriers flying to their hubs that currently struggle with loads under 50% (JFK & PHL)

If you were going to bring in another airline to Worcester would you:

A) Have them go direct to another leisure destination that compliments the ones we have like the Gulf Coast or Puerto Rico?
B) Add a third legacy carrier to their hub in Detroit, that is going to compete against the two existing airlines that are stuggling looking for the same passengers that want to make connections?

Obviously the answer is A), so why are we doing B)??? If we were filling the planes to NYC and Philly then bring on Delta to Detroit, but .......

On the other hand if we had a Florida Gulf Coast destination or Puerto Rico, we would be building something here?? Instead of pretending that everything is fine and watching Delta fail, while stealing passengers from two other flights that are floudering (NYC and PHL), lets:

1) Work on a marketing plan to help JetBlue and American fill their hub flights.
2) Negotiate with Delta a direct leisure flight to compliments MCO and FLL

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commented on 2019-03-12 12:55:17

From the comments both Massport and American in today's articles it seems like although the booking system indicates its only a month it will be indefinite shortly. Pretty disappointing and alarming 5 months into service. I don't necessarily blame the CAT II aircraft - the E145 is the most popular regional jet in the world. Airports with fog issues can still fill planes. This translates to me, due to the fact they don't have a schedule like this anywhere else, American would have pulled out had Massport not been involved. I have heard there have been many flights gone out completely empty - what a dumpster fire.


commented on 2019-03-12 16:54:24

SJU would be huge. We've done the PHL and JFK thing before. Worcester has not offered anything west of Chicago, perhaps it's time to look at those options. West coast, Las Vegas, TX, SC are all frequent destinations for people from this area.


commented on 2019-03-12 18:46:26

Massport will tell you that for those destinations out west you should use Detroit. One reason of many why Detroit will be an abject disaster like PHL and JFK. One other legitimate reason is runway length. 7000 feet at the elevation Worcester is at is borderline to say the least for those long commercial flights out west. Agree though would be nice to see and better than the crap we have now.

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