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Worcester Is Merely A Pawn

After 5 years of ownership by Massport and over $120 million of our taxpayer monies being invested into Worcester Airport, we really expected ORH to be at least starting to provide some real relief for Boston. Anyone who thinks we are a reliever airport for Boston simply is not looking at the facts ad is merely a cheerleader, not a businessperson.

Next Wednesday, we will have 3 JetBlue flights departing out of Worcester

1) JFK 6:00AM (New York)
2) MCO 4:23 PM (Orlando)
3) FLL 6:00PM (Fort Lauderdale)

We only have one flight to JetBlue JFK hub. Any other city in the Northeast that flies to JetBlue hub has at least 2 flights. These times to FLL and MCO are not very good and need to be changed to the morning. Despite the times, FLL and MCO are doing well averaging over 80%, while JFK struggles under 50%.

Now lets look at Boston next week the same day to these 3 cities:

1) 5:30 am
2) 7:10 am
3) 12:38 PM
4) 6:58 Pm
5) 8:58 PM

1) 5:37 AM
2) 10:08 AM
3) 1:45 PM
4) 4:12 PM
5) 6:52 PM
6) 8:05 PM


1) 6:10 AM
2) 8:46 AM
3) 10:05 AM
4) 1:38 PM
5) 2:45 PM
6) 8:00 PM

What do you think?

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User Comments


commented on 2019-03-03 10:12:18

Yes please flight's from Worcester to Orlando..


commented on 2019-03-03 10:13:20

Yes please flight's from Worcester to Orlando..


commented on 2019-03-03 10:15:20

Totally agree.


commented on 2019-03-04 06:23:34

I like the 430 flight to Orlando. it means I can work that day I leave and not have to use an extra vacation day. If you make a morning flight please keep the 430 flight too!

Common Sense

commented on 2019-03-04 10:40:10

The chances of JB adding another flight right now to their Worcester schedule are about the same as having the van from Publishers Clearing House show up at your front door. There is a good chance that the three flights we have now are all we’re ever going to get from this carrier. Massport needs to focus on getting a low-cost carrier with flights to some other FL destinations.

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