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Thanks Arthur For Great Comment

You have heard it too many times already, but lets review Legacy Carrier flights to their hubs at Worcester Airport:

JetBlue to JFK
JerBlue flies early morning to their hub with a late night return with their Embraer 190 (100 seats). This plane is able to utilize our CAT III landing system, thus there are few cancellations. Problem is we need a mid-day turn.

American to Philadelphia
American flies the early morning with late night return like JetBlue, but also have a mid-day turn. Their 50 seat plane, however, is not able to use CAT III and their pilots are not CAt II certified. As a result this flight tends to have more cancellations and diversions.

Delta to Detroit
Delta will begin flying an early morning with late night return this summer. What happened to mid-day turn??? Their 50 seat plane can not utilize CAT III, but their pilots are CAT II certified.

In a perfect world we would have two flights per day, like the American schedule, with planes that can use our 30+ million CAT III system. This is not a perfect world and these flights are strugling with loads under 50%.

Check out this comment on the blog yesterday from Arthur yesterday:

I’ve made 4 trips to and from Worcester this year on American to Philadelphia. I’m sold - it is so mulch less stress to fly from Worcester than to beat my way to Logan for a morning flight and then sit in traffic from the Ted Williams Tunnel to Framingham on the way home. I’m sold on Worcester Airport and hope that Delta comes in and succeeds with a couple of flights to Detroit- now if they can get a couple of United Flights to Newark and maybe another American flight or two to Charlotte- this will be a real business hub. The City should belly up and help advertise the Airport as a real option - because it can be a success and it won’t take that much more to put it over the top!

We need to focus on making these flights a success, then maybe we will get beter schedules, more airlines and CAT III planes? What is the biggest stumbiling block right now???


We currently have two Legacy airlines flying three flights per day to their hub with a 3rd Legacy airline making it 4 flights per day by the summer. Nobody knows about these flights and that the "world is at our door step at Worcester Airport"???? Don't believe us, ask anyone, if they know about these flights!!

Massport has sunk over $100,000,000 into the infrastructure at Worcester Airport. Now we need to invest another $1,000,000 into a marketing plan to make these flights a success and provide a real return to the tax-payers and some real relief for Logan.

The #WhyIFlyORH Twitter campaign is not a marketing plan!! Look no further then Dennis Leary and change Worcester Airport from "Why We Suck" to "Why We Don't Suck".

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commented on 2019-02-19 19:58:33

It's funny how I can watch 15 minutes of television and see ads for bull riding at the DCU Center but 5 years into commercial service can't recall any sort of advertisement for ORH in general!!! Even Allegiant who was only in Worcester for a quick buck ran advertisements on TV for the less than a year they were here.


commented on 2019-02-19 20:03:52

Also, if we really wanted connector routes it should be Delta to Atlanta and American to Chicago. How can we not consider two of the busiest (and therefor superior connection-wise) airports in the world? You would also have travelers originating and terminating their trips between the two cities instead of only connectors like our current flights. Philly I think could eventually do well but a big problem is JFK is too close and offers pretty much the same (inconvenient) connections. The schedule including Detroit is a joke and if you look into it the actual connection offerings aren't far behind.

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