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Unless The Goal Is To Show We Can Not Support Commercial Passenger Service

It is pretty clear that we can support direct flights to leisure destinations without the greatest times, the lowest prices or with little advertising. The evidence being, the past five years JetBlue has averaged over 80 percent loads with their daily flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

On the other hand, we have two legacy flights to to their hubs, which have 40% loads. One would think we would see more direct leisure service???

1) Myrtle Beach
2) Savannah
3) St Pete
4) Bradenton
5) Punta
6) San Juan

Anyone one of these flights would have loads over 80%. Instead, we get a third legacy carrier (Delta) to their hub in Detroit.

This option gives us nothing that we do not already have with JetBlue to JFK or American to Philadelphia, but will do even worse then these two current flights. How does this make any business sense?

Now look at this today from Allegiant Airlines . In addition to the 16 flights announced last month, here are 19 new flights from Allegiant , including two flights per week from Providence to Savannah. Less then 30 days, a total of 35 new flights with Providence and Portsmouth landing routes, but Worcester with Massport in our corner gets nothing.

Maybe there is a huge marketing campaign being rolled out that will let everyone know in our catchment area about these three legacy carriers flying to their hubs and we will see these planes being full in 2019??? On the other hand, maybe the goal is to provide no real relief here at Worcester Airport for Boston to justify the almost 1 BILLION dollars being planned to be invested into Logan? Check out this link .

As it stands right now if nothing changes dramatically, we are going to have two flights to leisure destination over 80% and three flights to legacy hubs at 40% that do nothing as a whole to provide any real relief for Logan. Is that the plan???

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User Comments


commented on 2019-02-12 16:01:24

Massport has always screwed up whatever they get their hands on. Can city buy back the airport? It was busier when the city was running it. We had Piedmont, Continental, Us Airway,,Delta connection, Northwest, and United. What has Massport given us since they took over?


commented on 2019-02-12 18:04:42

I cant believe im agreeing with common sense, but hes absolutly right. massport has put millions of dollars into the airport. they cant expect airlines to spend advertising money on small airports. START SELLING THE AIRPORT!!!! Thats not just targeted at Massport... City of Worcester, Chamber of Commerce, major employers.... WAKE UP!!!! You sold Worcester to the PawSox! Step up to the plate and help Massport SELL THE AIRPORT. Dont walk away from the 2010 sale. You have a stake in the airports success. COME ON WORCESTER! RALLY WORCESTER LIKE YOU DID FOR THE PAWSOX!!


commented on 2019-02-12 16:32:10

Bill- maybe a shorter term goal leisure goal. Get JetBlue to Aruba seasonally next winter. New England and New York have highest draws to Aruba. Customs is not needed since it is done on way out of Aruba. Most JetBlue weekend flights are 100percent booked on JetBlue from Boston.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-02-12 16:35:20

As I've said before, I am miffed that Massport, the airlines, the City and the Chamber of Commerce can't come up with some money to market these flights. Years ago, the City used to get the business community to commit to buying a certain block of tickets as a way to entice airlines to come here. We just learned that another Worcester company has signed on to sponsor the Worcester Red Sox. I always hear about these studies that show that a striving Worcester Airport will have an economic impact in the range of tens of millions of dollars. This would be much more than what a seasonal baseball stadium will have. We're not talking about a lot of money. You could probably do $500,000 in marketing to get these load figures way up. Maybe if Tim Murry can get rid of some of the nine vice-presidents, he has working for him at the Chamber of Commerce he can free up some money for marketing. No excuse!!!

Common Senser

commented on 2019-02-12 16:52:57

Just a thought. The City has taken to hanging banners (ads) from its parking garages to generate some income. I saw two such banners hanging from the garage across from the Hanover Theatre. They are in the direct line of sight from every patron exiting the theatre. Why not put a large ORH ad hanging from the garage? It would probably cost next to nothing. The people attending shows (for the most part) have good disposable incomes, the type we need to fly out of ORH. We have 35,000 college students in Worcester. Every freshman orientation packet should have an ORH brochure. A brochure should also be placed in the bags of textbooks from the college store. We got to start thinking outside the box.


commented on 2019-02-12 18:37:27

People are accustomed to landing at Logan and making their way to their destination FROM Logan. IMO, reconditioning people to see themselves arriving in Worcester and traveling to their destination from Worc., is a key factor. Maybe creating simple maps showing various cities, towns, tourist destinations etc. relative to Worc. Airport in the airline’s and airport’s advertising will help.


commented on 2019-02-13 06:43:17

Honestly, Worcester will never be airport destination due to lack of direct access in and out of the airport. Noise complaints from other neighborhoods and other towns need to be addressed. I live in nearby town and the constant noise of low flying planes especially in the middle of night is distressing. Time to sell airport. Is the school even still there?


commented on 2019-02-13 08:05:01

Constant noise of low flying airplanes in the middle of the night? What?

Common Sense

commented on 2019-02-13 14:21:19

I use to be a big fan of an access road, but with the improved signage and GPS it's no longer an issue. As far as planes flying over your house all night long I'm not sure what you're talking about. I live under the direct landing approach to the main runway. Sometimes the JFK flight comes in late, but it's not a regular occourance. Ok


commented on 2019-02-13 11:25:22

I live in Worcester. Unless I'm flying to Orlando I prefer driving to Logan. I only fly JetBlue and the times for the connecting flights to NYC suck. Plus I can usually get direct flights out of Boston and not have to deal with connections. I agree it makes more sense to focus on destination flights and not hub connections.


commented on 2019-02-13 15:19:23

The noise stuff I find comical. It’s 5 flights a day right now and people call us complainers. Great comments though everyone, thanks for the input.

Business Traveler

commented on 2019-02-15 05:52:21

I really want the Worcester Airport to work, but I've given up unless and until it adds flights to connecting routes like JFK and fixes the times. I flew to Ft Lauderdale earlier this week. Firstly, the times made no sense to me and the 5:30 PM outbound and 2:30 PM return are useless. Secondly, with the storm that w had I'm very glad that I chose to fly Logan. There were at least 4 flights that I could move to when flights were seriously delayed or outright canceled. If I flew ORH despite the bad times, I'd have been stuck or have to change to a Logan return anyway (like the other times that I TRIED to support ORH).

Business Traveler

commented on 2019-02-15 05:54:10

BTW-when are we going to change the call letters to WOO from ORH? It seems like a simple but effective marketing tool to attract attention from folks that know nothing about Worcester or its central New England location and lack of Boston traffic headaches etc.


commented on 2019-02-17 15:17:02

I’ve made 4 trips to and from Worcester this year on American to Philadelphia. I’m sold - it is so mulch less stress to fly from Worcester than to beat my way to Logan for a morning flight and then sit in traffic from the Ted Williams Tunnel to Framingham on the way home. I’m sold on Worcester Airport and hope that Delta comes in and succeeds with a couple of flights to Detroit- now if they can get a couple of United Flights to Newark and maybe another American flight or two to Charlotte- this will be a real business hub. The City should belly up and help advertise the Airport as a real option - because it can be a success and it won’t take that much more to put it over the top!

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