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We Can Not Find Much Good Here

Last week-end Delta rolled out the schedule and pricing for Worcester to Detroit. Trying to avoid being called "negative" or a "naysayer", we decided to hold back a few days to see if our opinion changed. It has not!!

Last night we received this e-mail that summarized our thoughts and all the other comments that we received:

"So it looks like Delta quietly set up the flight (only 1) to Detroit. DL 3514 departing ORH to Detroit at 6:00AM, returning (only 1) DL3517 leaving DTW at 8:10PM arriving at ORH at 9:50PM. Aircraft used is the CRJ-200 (50 seats). Any positive thoughts?? Cause I don't have any. It is clear to me the Delta is just throwinig this to Worcester to get what they wanted in Boston, and they have no interest in Worcester what so ever"

We do not have any positive thoughts, sorry. Other then we believe Delta will be at least at CAT II. Couple questions:

1) What happened to two turns to Detroit?
Check out this this video at 2:57?
2) Why Detroit not Atlanta?
Still can not understand why Detroit and not Atlanta? Makes no sense. Ironic too considering how many people are flying to Atlanta this week... Still think JetBlue should have had some Worcester to Atlanta flights this week too.

Look at the lack of success wealready have with other legacy carriers flying to their hub:

1) JetBlue to JFK: Although CAT III equipped, one turn per day has doomed this flight. We are the only city flying from the Northeast to JFK hub where JetBlue only has one turn. Loads are around 50%.
2) American to Philadelphia: Although we have two turns, the planes are not CAT III equiped and the pilots are not CAT II certified, which has caused alot of diversions and cancellation. Loads are maybe 50%.

Based on this track history, we are bringing in a 3rd legacy carrier with one turn to their hub in Detroit? This flight, between the fact we only have one turn and Detroit, versus Atlanta, will struggle just like American and JetBlue. Actually we think it will do worse.

On the other hand, the real success we have had is JetBlue flying daily, now over 5 years, with not the best times to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Imagine if we brought in the Airbus 320 (150 seats) and changed the times with JetBlue??

If we could not get Atlanta, how about a direct flight from Delta to a Gulf Coast destination?? We have much rather seen Allegiant to Florida/ MyrtleBeach or Frontier to Florida then this Delta flight!! Why are we bringing in more flights that mirror flights that are half full, versus flights that consistently have loads between 80-90% for over 5 years??

Keep in mind FlyORH is a grateful that Massport has taken over Worcester Airport and has invested over 100 million dollars into our airport, but at this point it is hard not to ask some questions.. We have recently been reading, for example, about expansion plans for Boston like this in the Patriot Ledger

At Logan, a roughly $750 million project will include an expansion of the international terminal and the reconfiguration of other terminals and gates, and a $250 million project seeks to redesign the roadways that service the busiest terminals, he said.

We have to ask the question, if Worcester Airport was:

1) getting better flights and
2) money was invested into an actualy marketing campaign

Maybe not as much money would have to be invested in Boston?
Or does Worceser Airport floundering justfy the plans on the drawing board for Boston??

Sorry, but the question has to be asked, does it not??

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User Comments

Don Simpson

commented on 2019-01-30 14:41:28

no flights , we get one and yet you complain. would you like to go back to no commercial flights out of orh?


commented on 2019-01-30 14:44:47

Don, i was going to comment first what is good about this flight? Because in this case zero may actually be better than one. We have two failing flights at these current times this is going to solve nothing. Seriously anyone who is going to complain about being negative please enlighten us with a positive? At literally every other airport with service to hubs there is 2-3 daily. American is 2 here but let’s not forget what it was to start. After 6 AM you cannot get anywhere until 4 PM. It could not be ANY clearer there is zero interest from ANY of the carriers at the airport in growing Worcester. Don, I await your positivity...


commented on 2019-01-30 14:56:51

Don, where in this post do we suggest to go back to no commercial flights?? Do you even read what we post???

Dear Delta Airlines,

commented on 2019-01-30 15:07:38

Thank you for being the third great airline to start out of Worcester. On behalf of the majority of Worcesterites who do not focus on what's wrong with your schedule, we see this as an opportunity to show you there's a market to Detroit and points west, so that you'll hopefully put more, larger planes in. Great journeys start with a single step. WELCOME TO WORCESTER. We're honored to have you! The silent majority.


commented on 2019-01-30 15:39:23

did Delta renege on their deal? they really made that guy on the video look like a chump.

Paul Von Felde

commented on 2019-01-30 15:57:59

I believe the city has no clue, what they want are Amazon, Fed Ex,UPS etc to use airport as a hub in New England. Freight comes in and go right to intermodal and out by rail or truck


commented on 2019-01-30 16:43:40

Worcester would be perfect for freight. We do not count out the future potential for cargo but Manchester already being a major airport for cargo doesn’t help. For those of you who will take anything I admire your naivety. We are focused on the long term goals of ORH of which there are so many questions. If there is a plan behind this one flight a day we will eat our words but atleast the Port of NY can get the same airlines Stewart to fly at different times.

Doomed to fail

commented on 2019-01-30 17:06:29

Allow us to show a market to Detroit? Lol. All you’re going to get is 50% or less flights that show there is no market. Just like what you have for Philly and NYC. These are great flights that show why Worcester isn’t worth it to these carriers. The majority of Worcester wants success. Not garbage.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-30 17:09:44

This whole thing is coming into focus now. We all feared that these airlines threw some crumbs our way just to keep in Massport's good graces. They'll probably chalk the 50% loads up to the cost of doing business. The fact that Massport has not been able to close the deal with some of these discount carriers that fly to other FL destinations really concerns me.Could it be that 8-10 flights a day is all ORH will ever get (at least in the near future). I've said before that Massport's decision to buy ORH and invest $100 million in upgrades could go down as one of the biggest boondoggles in our state’s history. The funny thing is that the city manager and the WRA tried to dump Union Station on Massport. Talk about having balls.


commented on 2019-01-30 18:28:40

Agree again Common Sense. These flights took years to come around and we knew about them a long time in advance. Not entirely sure what the next step is from here. There was a strong rumor about more flights from JetBlue about a year or so ago that fizzled out. We considered it dead when JetBlue announced a major expansion in the Boston area and left Worcester legitimately untouched. Unfortunately it's probably going to come down to who needs something next at Logan. Get ready for once a day on United to Cleveland or American to Pittsburgh!


commented on 2019-01-30 18:30:49

Also, 50 percent loads on JFK is generous. There's 50 combined people between the arrival and departure today. Take a look at the JetBlue website - no signs of that changing anytime soon. Couldn't even fill JFK when no one could get into Boston last week, that should be a major concern.


commented on 2019-01-31 16:27:45

Checked the Delta site for various dates from ORH to LAX and the fares are $1200+ for basic coach! Not going to sell tickets with that kind of pricing

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-31 16:51:04

I flew from ORH to LAX last month with AA. I think I paid around $300.


commented on 2019-01-31 17:04:56

I’m confident the prices will fall to reasonable not too long from now. Remember how outrageous the initial Philly tickets were? It was over $1000 round trip to start just to PHL. I agree though, incase it needs reiterating, what an awful start yet again for another airline that doesn’t want to be there.

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