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All Commercial Flights Cancelled Today

We were up early today shoveling as soon as the snow turned to sleet at 7:00AM. We could see how the morning flight to JFK (JetBlue) and the morning turn to Philadelphia (American) could/would be cancelled today.

Now we look and see that all the JetBlue Florida Flights, JetBlue Inbound tonight and American Philadelphia turn in the afternoon are all cancelled. In other words nothing flew in or out of Worcester today?

Keep in mind we at FLYORH are the biggest supported of Worcester Airport, but we have to ask why is the airport not open this afternoon when it stopped snowing at 7:30AM?

Instead we are closed??? While all the other major airports within an hour of us have commercial service this afternoon.


JetBlue flights to Florida from Boston were also cancelled this afternoon, but Boston remains open. It also looks like American flights to Philadelphia are going out of Boston this afternoon.

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Fake news

commented on 2019-01-20 11:04:45

Dear FLYORH, I love your website and blogs. Some of the comments are........interesting. But this post concerns me. You are a big advocate of the airport. But this post implies that they can't handle winter storms and could make people think twice about buying a ticket. Let me clarify things. The airport remains up and running. I think the confusion is in the NOTAM system. When severe weather hits, airports may go into PPR (Prior Permission Required). Which means a pilot must contact the airport in advance to ensure the runways are in good shape to land. Regrettably, the NOTAM system will not allow a PPR entry without noting airport closed. Airports don't take PPRs lightly. In ORHs case they would only do it if they knew airlines cancelled in advance and there was no GA activity. Both AA and JB cancelled early yesterday. And it would be nuts for a GA pilot to fly right now.....not due to snow, but ICE which is forecasted all day. The airport is open. TSA, tower personnel are working. Snow plow drivers are working the field, airline personnel are on hand to assist customers to rebook, car rentals are probably doing great business from fender benders. Bottom line, the airlines didn't cancel because the airport. They cancelled 1000's of flights so they can have planes and crews in the right place to recover quickly. And the professionals up at ORH would surely have the place ready for them if they did fly. Please consider retracting this post or repost with my points because some readers won't go beyond your article and read the comments Thank you. A proud ORH'er!!


commented on 2019-01-20 11:09:01

It may have stopped snowing at 730am. Bit its the ice forecast all day that scares the beegeebers out of airlines. Jet blue had people stuck on planes on JFK for 14 hours 10 years ago when they didn't cancel during an ice storm.

Eric K.

commented on 2019-01-20 11:25:22

You also fail to mention that JetBlue cancelled nearly, if not, all their flights out of Boston for Sunday.


commented on 2019-01-20 11:45:03

You're certainly not advocating for the airport with these kinds of posts. I don't disagree calling them on things that can be done better but you DONT "F" with safety!!!!!!! Do your home work! Don't assume things. You're better than this Bill!


commented on 2019-01-21 10:37:13

We did our homework. Worcester was closed while other airports were open?

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