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The Truth is The Truth

Now we know posts like this end up people saying why we are so negative, but the facts do not lie. Here we go:

1) JetBlue to Florida continues to do well, although we feel that the flight times should change to early morning departure with late night return. Loads would increase dramatically and probably require JetBlue to seriously bring in the Airbus (150 seats), versus the current Embraer (100 seats)
2) JetBlue to New York still hovering around 50% loads, Without a 2nd flight to NYC (JFK) or extensive marketing, this flights is going nowhere. We should replace this with a flight to Fort Myers.
3) American not having planes equipped to handle CAT III or pilots CAT II certified is cathcing up to us. Yesterday both flights were cancelled and sales are hurting. We estimate these loads are also in the 50% or less.
4) No latest updates on Delta so we assume that we are still looking at two flights to their hub in Detroit, not Atlanta, in the summer. We see this flight to not do much better then JetBlue to JFK or American to Philadelphia.

On the news front:

1) Sun Country begins flights out of Providence
2) Frontier adds Hartford
3) Frontier has begin flights from Portsmouth
4) Providence starts next month JetBlue to West Palm

On the horizon, we do not see much changing????

We feel that in the short term we need to simply market ourselves as the leisure airport to Florida. Airlines like Allegiant, Frontier, Sun Country and JetBlue all flying to Florida.

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User Comments


commented on 2019-01-09 09:12:38

I was supposed to fly to Charlotte yesterday through Philadelphia. Flight got cancelled so looked into rebooking through JFK. Jetblue flies to Charlotte too but I guess the one flight doesn’t make it possible. Ended up rebooking through providence but the agent gave me options for Hartford, Boston and Manchester too. My solution? Just flying out of there from now on. I thought the fog issue was supposed to be over!


commented on 2019-01-09 12:39:02

Here is the major issue at the airport - American has legitimate connection options now but when something is wrong you still have to book through another airport because JetBlue's only connection flight is at 6 AM. God, there is nothing I hate more right now than this JFK flight. What a colossal waste of everyone's time. Add frequencies like every other city or trash this garbage flight for a city like Fort Myers which is a no-brainer. RSW has been far and away the most requested city over the past few years.


commented on 2019-01-09 13:24:46

Man, If one little flight makes you so hateful, you either need to get a life or get help.


commented on 2019-01-09 13:41:36

And the bad news continues...……. Just read that Frontier will start service out of Boston in April...….


commented on 2019-01-09 17:59:06

Sigmund: We love it when we state facts and posters consider it "hateful". Nothing would make us happier then to not post any of these "facts". In the end Sigmund the truth is not hateful, but is the truth.


commented on 2019-01-09 18:31:43

It's okay Bill, Sigmund here is unfamiliar with hyperbole. He probably also thinks the King Airs to HYA were a great idea too regardless of our sources confirming abject failure across the board, much like most of Rectrix' business ventures.

Common Sense

commented on 2019-01-09 21:34:18

My neighbor has family down in NC. He takes the diect Frontier flight from Providence to Charlote each month. Seems like a better option than having to change flights with the AA and JB options from ORH.


commented on 2019-01-10 12:18:26

Absolutely, CS. Direct and reliable is unbeatable.

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