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Moxy Looks Like Allegiant On Steroids

Skfit Column on the hiring. Must read!!!!

Two key links from the column

"It’s the airline’s network strategy that could have an Allegiant flair. At Allegiant, Johnson turned a bunch of small, underserved, air markets into major profit-makers — exactly the strategy Neeleman has set for his new airline."

“This is a plane that can do seven or eight types of different network missions,” he said. “It’s super economical. It is also smaller than a 320 or 737, and it also has better runway performance. You basically have the most flexible narrow-body plane out there.”

Considering Allegiat focused on secondary cities like Worcester, the hiring of an ex Allegiant Exec, Lukas Johnson, to head route development for this new airline bodes well for Worcester. Allegiant took an airport in Punta Gorda that had little to no competition and now flies from 40 destinations.

Two other great lines from the column

"He won’t have such limits with Neeleman. The serial airline entrepreneur has committed to adding 60 Airbus A220-300s, the most capable narrow-body aircraft around. With between 130-150 passengers, Johnson estimates the aircraft can fly as long as nine hours."

“I would think it would be unlikely that you would be serving stuff with so much business demand because that invites competition,” he said. “But not everything will have to be two a week like Allegiant.”

This is good for Worcester since we have no business market yet...

The more we look into Moxy, it seems like it will be most like Allegiant, but on steroids!!

1) Better planes with more range
2) Better technolgy
3) Better partners in TAP and Azul, maybe even JetBlue
4) Ex Exec, who knows all of Allegiant secrets

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