Looking at my JetBlue credit card statement I saw 1,111 points was transferred to my account. For a second I thought it was my GM card and I was losing points. I know I have more points then that.

I went on line and sure enough I have 13,270!! What is this 1,111 points being “transferred” all about–did I lose these points? I called into customer service, found out that these 1,111 points is what I earned the prior month. They are then credited to my account, when I make my payment ON TIME. These points were “transferred” to my account. Not lost!

Ironically when I was on the phone I realized that my payment was due on the 17th. Over the phone, I made a payment without any additional fees to make sure the 412 points I earned this statement will show up as “transferred” next month and added to my account which has 13,270 points.

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