July 1, 2011, MassPort took over complete ownership of Worcester Regional Airport (ORH). Last week on the Gary and Gary show, I was asked if we should be happy with the success to date?

I say a definitive “YES”:

JetBlue: If it were not for MassPort, none of these discussions would be going on.
CAT III Landing System Upgrade: No way the City of Worcester could afford this 25-30 million dollar upgrade
Better signage
There have been other improvements which Andy Davis can elaborate on better then me.
Rectrix replacing Swissport and they will be investing $5 milion into Rectrix in Hyannis
Rectrix in Hyannis
their new facility, story here.

Road improvement to ORH have been placd on fast track.
Do we have tangible results? Not yet, but we are on the right track. By the end of 2013, nobody will be asking this question anymore.

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