#WhyIFlyORH Misses The Mark

Go to Twitter and look up the hashtag #WhyIFlyORH and tell us what you think.

The videos tell us everything we already know?

Worcester Airport has no lines, easy check in and low parking rates. Go up to anyone in Central Massachusetts and ask them if they did not know this??

Now go up to that same person and ask him or her, if they knew that they could get to Cuba from Worcester Airport with one stop at JFK? They would be speechless!! Then tell them about all the other destinations that they can reach out of Worcester Airport with this flight to JFK. Again speechless!!

Maybe we should have a "ORH to JFK and the WORLD" campaign??

The problem is not that people are aware Worcester Airport is convenient. The problem is that people 1) have no idea about this NYC flight and 2) the possibilities that this one flight gives them.

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