Steadily Getting Better Every Day

As we have mentioned many times we are doing pretty good considering there has been no advertising for this flight out of Worcester Airport. Alot of coverage by the local press, but little to no advertising.

The fact that this is a great flight with JetBlue, priced very competitively to JetBlue NYC hub that allows for many connections, not to mention NYC itself, the word is starting to spread and we are confident this flight loads will increase every month. This flight is going to transform Worcester Airport.

To date we have noticed a few problems and hope that they are addressed. First we need to have a mechanic on duty for this 6AM flight. Considering the majority of the travelers on this flight are time sensitive either needing to make a connection or have a business meeting in NYC, the current contract that requires a mechanic to show up within 45 minutes seems inadequate to us. Seems pointless to spend 30+ million on CAT III but be delayed since there is no mechanic at ORH?

The other thing we have noticed is that the late night arrival usually comes in late. The reason being is that this flight has had other flights all day and by the end of the day it is bound to be delayed if any problems occurred on any of the other flights. There is not much we can do about the late night arrival, but we can have a mechanic on duty in the morning to make sure this flight gets out on time.

If we can get this flight out on time every morning, we feel that this flight can be full by the end of the year and the hope then is that JetBlue would add a mid-day turn, which would get us some earlier returns.

Lets get a mechanic at airport for the 6AM flight to NYC???

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