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Hi Bill,

I tried responding on your blog, but it listed your site as spam and to call 508-414-8305. Instead of calling, here is my response:

It is very important to note that safety is always first. That’s just not a cliché; it’s a fact!

• There was a fuel issue on this particular airplane that required a maintenance tech.
• We are not obligated in any way to have a MX tech on duty for that type of airplane.
• In fact, our contract calls for a 45 minute response time, which we easily achieved.
• Once our maintenance tech resolved the issue, the aircraft was free to depart.
• We applaud JetBlue for their unwavering focus on safety.

Also, and of significant importance, although this one hour delay in ORH is unfortunate; think about this: If you had this similar situation at a major airport, the mechanic would arrive within a half hour. Add to that - the time it takes to get pushed back, taxi and then wait in line for departure, that alone could be over an hour. And this does not include the time saved on the commute by flying out of ORH.

Bill, perhaps in the future, your headline can have a more positive tone. Aviation is a very capital intensive business, and we at Rectrix take this business very seriously. I applaud Massport, JetBlue and all the others involved in putting ORH on the aviation map again. How do I know this? I breath it every hour of every day and in the end the flying public, both business and leisure will be the winner.


Richard Cawley

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