Delayed Waiting For Mechanic To Arrive

We have hear this many times that the flight is delayed for mechanical reasons and they are awaiting for mechanic to arrive. Today we received this e-mail:

Wanted to patronize the JFK flight so took it this week and 0 for 2. Leaving ORH Tuesday they had maintenance (oil leak) but ORH does not have onsite maintenance contractor at 6AM so they have to wait until they make it up around 7 and then do the work, hence delay to AM meeting.

If we want business people to take this 6AM flight or people that need to make a connection, should we not have a mechanic on duty for the 6AM flight??? We will forward an e-mail to the airport director.

After spending 30+ million on a CAT III landing system seems pretty foolish to have people sittiing in an airport waiting for a mechanic to arrive???


1) We reached out to Airport Director Andy Davis. This is an issue between the Rectrix and their customers. By customers we assume JetBlue.

2) Sent an e-mail to Rectrix Wednesday morning.

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