Loads Around 50% At Best

We are hearing that the loads are around 50% or less. Considering the advertising for this flight has been basically non-existent, this is not a bad start. If you do not believe us, next time you are talking to a friend or family member, ask them if they know about the daily flight to NYC?

At the same time, anyone who has taken this flight, whether they have connected to another flight or were just going to NYC, everyone has raved about the flight. Dare anyone to find one bad review of this flight on any social media outlet, even when some flights have been delayed.

These positive reviews by passengers will spread quickly and we are sure that you will see a steady increase in sales each month. We can not help think that if JetBlue has gotten off to a slow start with a great flight, convenient times and competitive pricing, American sales to date must be anemic.

Remember one of our goals with this flight is to fill this plane and convince JetBlue to add a mid-day turn. Despite a slow start, we are going to be filling this plane consistently by the fall.

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