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Although we were very happy when we initially heard American was coming to Worcester, the schedule and pricing has left us not wanting this service. At the same time we have alot of time to hopefully make some changes!!??

On the other hand, we did not have to make any changes to the announcement JetBlue made last year to start NYC service:

1) Good schedule : Early morning flight to their hub in NYC with a late night return. The timing of these flights enables a passenger to make connections to the majority of the destinations on their route map and not require you to stay in NYC overnight when you return.

2) Competitive Pricing

3) Planes that are capable to take advantage of the new CAT III landing system.

For now we need to forget about the American announcement and focus on JetBLue and that the first flight to NYC begins 12 days from today, May 3rd, and making it a huge success!! Although we question the lack of advertising on this flight in Central Massachusetts, we are confident that the quality/convenience of this flight will spread quickly.

Over the next 12 days, we will emphasize the possibilities this flight brings to our doorstep. How about this trip to St Lucia (540 round trip) on our Instagram . Why not follow us on Instagram, while you are at it.

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