Two Hubs for ORH With American Eagle

We are not sure that people realize how huge American (Piedmont) will be with a flight to Philadelphia. This would be much better then any announcement to a direct location; for example, Fort Myers.

In 2018, we may have two major airlines, and their route maps, at our doorstep!! You only have to pay $42 per week to park and be at the gate 10 minutes after you park, from which we can fly to all the cities that JetBlue and American serves. Consider that before Massport took ownership, we could not fly to one city.

Now you will be hard pressed to find a city that we can not fly to out of Worcester when we have these two airlines flying to their hub. Another example how how the City of Worcester should not be involved in non-core businesses.

Some will complain that there will not be enough flights!! Trust us they will. Most likely American will do a late night arrival, crew sleeps over and an early departure. If we fill these flights to NYC (JetBlue) and Philadelphia (American), again trust us, they will add mid-day turn around flights.

Forget about the Pawtucket Red Sox, which is a bad investment BTW, we should be spending money along with Massport, American and JetBlue promoting how accessible it is to get in and out of Worcester!!!

This is a huge opportunity for Worcester, lets not blow this!!

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