This Thursday the 2nd CEO of JetBlue visits Worcester Airport within the last 5 years

We were at the airport tonight dropping our mother-in-law off to fly back to Florida after her annual Thanksgiving visit. From our house in Holden to Worcester Airport, parking the car (FREE), checking her in and getting through TSA was a grand total of 20 minutes. Laughable how easy it is!!

Not so laughable, however, was the flight was not full. At the gate we were told that there told 60 sold seats (100 total), but later was informed that is was more like 53. Looking around the airport, the average age of the flier tonight ironically had to be over 53 years old. Between a 7PM departure flight to Florida and the pricing, we have really pushed away family travel.

Do not mean to be negative, but realistic. As good as it has been to get JetBlue to fly daily to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando putting us back on the airport map, we need to move to the next stage. We feel the implementation of CAT III will help us move to this next stage. Something that we could never have installed if the City of Worcester still owned the airport.

We feel the CEO of JetBlue will tells us Thursday that we will be able to start booking tickets to NYC with some great introductory pricing coinciding with the new CAT III landing system. That is our bet!! We also really hope that there will be a secondary announcement?? How about a Gulf Coast destination in Florida??

If an airport is not growing it is going backwards, time to start growing with CAT III and lets hope this Thursday is just the first of many great announcements that will come going forward with CAT III.

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