2nd JetBlue CEO in 5 years visits FlyORH with hopeful good news

Yesterday we took a day off after receiving two blasts of bad news regarding ORH.

First, three more months of numbers released. Of the last 27 months, 26 months have been a decline from the previous year. This past August the loads was at 79 percent, while two years ago August we were at 88 percent!!.

Second Elite Airways, who we have been watching and would be a great airline out of Worcester to the Gulf Coast, has decided to fly out of New Bedford to Vero Beach. In our Jim Mora voice "New Bedford". Seriously New Bedford, at least let it be Hanscom or Portsmouth??

Yesterday was a bad for ORH!!

JetBlue flights to FLL and MCO was a great kick for ORH, but we have done nothing to build on it. Please do not say Rectrix flights to the Cape, which was dead on arrival and their Baltimore-Sarasota flight we doubt will ever happen.

The main thing holding us back has been CAT III. Now with CAT III almost being completed, we need CEO Hayes to get this NYC flight started to give us another boost.

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