There are alot of similarities between Stewart and Worcester

There are alot of similarities between Stewart International and Worcester Airport!!

Approximately 20 years ago the City of Newburgh got of the airport business and sold the airport to an English company called National Express. Something we urged the City of Worcester to do for many years, to sell the airport. Eventually the City of Worcester did get of the airport business when they transferred ownership to Masssport, although we still maintain that we should have done an RFP to see if there were any other potential buyers.

That is water under the bridge and we could not be happier to have an owner like Massport who has the ability to invest the monies to make infrastructure improvements like CAT III. Very exciting to read in the Worcester Business Journal (WBJ) that CAT III should be up and running by December so the NYC JetBlue shuttle should be close behind.

Since National Express took ownership of the Stewart, the Port Authority of New York/NewJersey realized that they needed another airport and bought Stewart. Keep in mind they already owned LFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro and Atlantic City. Meanwhile Massport control Logan, and now Worcester.

Just over 147,000 passengers used Stewart from January to June of this year, up from about 129,800 in the first six months of 2016. There is no reason why ORH will not seen similar numbers very soon.

One of the big reasons for their recent success has been the addition of international flights with Norwegian Airlines. Again no reason ORH could not land a discount international airline like Norwegian.

Big things coming. Imagine people taking trains and buses from Boston to fly international our of Worcester

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