I have never been more convinced that Worcester Airport is destined to be a major airport within the next ten years.

Last Thurdsday I had a 6:30 flight on JetBlue out of Boston to Richmond. My plan to leave Worcester at 3:00PM to get their without having to rush sounded like a pretty safe idea.

At 4:00PM, however, I ran into standstill traffic in Newton due to a fire in the Ted William Tunnel

An hour later I finally entered Logan Airport, parked on the top level (7th floor) of the Central Parking garage, (since all the other levels were full), checked my bags and then waited in TSA lines. Finally at 6PM, 3 hours after leaving my house, I was seated at my gate.

Sunday morning I returned to Boston, paid my $87 for parking and drove home. Between tolls and gas, I spent $120 and four hours in my car for three day visit to Richmond. Once CAT III is installed and more flights come, and they will come, there is huge supply of people that will fly out of Worcester.

Bottom line it is not a question if people will come to Worcester, but when Worcester will get the additional flights. Did I mention TSA wants you to get the airport 3 hours now before your flight!!!

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