Recently the Boston Globe wrote a column titled, “Looking for Quiet, Worcester Airport may be the place”.

As you can tell from the column it was not exactly a flattering piece about the airport as evidenced by these lines:

The cavernous airport terminal on the top of Tatnuck Hill is airy, modern, and eerily quiet. No one was standing behind the flight ticket counter on a recent weekday, the gift shop was dark, and the terminal’s expansive polished floor didn’t have a scuff on it.
Upstairs, a passenger was having a hard time finding a cocktail. And outside on the tarmac, planes were few and far between on the airport’s sprawling 1,300 acres.
“There’s been bobcat sightings,” said airport director Andrew Davis.
The Worcester Regional Airport is a bit lonely, like a big dinner party attended by just a handful of guests.
Although it may be tough to argue with any of these lines, we think she is missing the whole story. How about this one line:

For now, though, only one of the airport’s six terminal gates is in use, and the amenities found at other airports are noticeably lacking. Anne Geissler of Natick, on her way to a Florida vacation recently, said she got a great bargain on a round-trip ticket, and parking cost just $7 a day, compared with $29 a day at Logan.
Do you think this person will come back to Worcester? You bet and she will tell her friends this story and they will probably laugh, but they will remember that parking cost $7 per day (and only $42 per week by the way).

Is Worcester Airport anything like Boston, Providence or for that matter Manchester? Absolutely not!!! But have pieces been put in place for people from Natick , for example, to look at Worcester as an option?? You better believe they have.

Massport ownership, JetBlue’s two flights per day to Florida, Rectrix and CAT III is just the beginning of the transformation of ORH. Look no further the New England Patriots. Bob Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994, but did he win a Super Bowl until 2001.

Lets hope Megan Woolhouse returns in two years and writes a follow up column, “Looking for Quiet, Worcester Airport may not be the place”

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