A few months back I predicted that there would be additional commercial service by June 1st.

After going to the Travel Show the other day, I am more positive of that then ever. Was it the best show that I ever seen, but was it good for being the first one? Absolutely..

What amazes more about the airport more then anything is the how much the whole “vibe” has changed. In the past five years:

new Airport Director who is happy to see people in his airport
new FBO (pictured of new Rectrix facility to your left)
great airline (JetBlue)
JetBlue employees are all so positive up ther
new ownership (Massport)–Cat III
Five years ago ORH was the Patriots before the Krafts/Parcells came in. The whole energy up there is no much more positive and they are there to help/work, not hide, it is truly amazing. Only more good news can be coming.

For the record, I am sticking with this prediction. If I had to bet, I would lay $100 on ORH to Puerto Rico (JetBlue).

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