There are many misconceptions about Worcester.

One was that we need an access road. Not one person has complained about accessing Worcester Regional Airportsince JetBlue began service on November 7, 2013, and I feel that this may be behind us.

Another misconception that prices are high out of Worcester is not behind us yet. Below are the ticket prices to the two locations out of Worcester on March 2nd.

Are we the cheapest every day? No, but it is clear that when someone says it costs more to fly out of Worcester or that JetBlue is not competitive out of Worcester, they have no idea what they are talking about. Since Worcester only has 100 seats per day to these locations, however, on high profile vacation/holiday weeks we run out of seats fast and may not be very competitive these weeks unless you book early.

The only real detraction from Worcester that is true is the fog. We do have higher cancellation rates then either Providence or Boston due to the higher elevation, but that is being addressed with the installation of the CAT III landing system that will hopefully be up and running this year.

Let’s continue to focus and address real problems at ORH. The future looks bring at Worcester Regional Airport.

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