I had a chance to sit down with Juan Gomez, past city councilor and current Executive Director of to ask him some questions about JetBlue service out of ORH.

On my Twitter (@FlyORH), two of my followers, Kenneth McClintock (@PRKDMc) and Jose Pereira (@pereira4785), commented on the great prices out of ORH to San Juan. Have you heard much talk about JetBlue out of Worcester to San Juan?

Not really. Just recently I have heard a little, but in all honestly not a lot.

From my past experiences, I have found the Latino Community in Central Massachusetts goes back to Puerto Rico often and usually out of Boston. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree on both points. I would also like to point out that there are a lot of people from the Dominican Republic that live in Central Mass that have either lived in Puerto Rico or still have family in Puerto Rico. They also travel often out of Boston to San Juan.

If you were to advise JetBlue, how would you tell them to reach the Latino Community?

Channel 19 and 27 locally, radio stations like WORC who have affiliate stations throughout the Commonwealth in densely populated Latino communities and theVocero. Also, they should reach out to organizations like ours.

Speaking of your organization, the Latino Festival, which you put together, is coming up on August 17th. How is it looking and will JetBlue be there?

We have a great lineup planned and it gets better and better every year. We have some great sponsors this year, but not JetBlue. We would love to have them here; it is a perfect match!

Lastly, if JetBlue has competitive prices do you see people from Central Massachusetts opting for Worcester over Boston?


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