What do we have to do to ensure the success and expansion of JetBlue at ORH?


We are all very excited to have JetBlue flying daily to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando starting on November 7th. Finally, we have the right owner (MassPort) and airline (JetBlue). What do we have to do to ensure the success and expansion of JetBlue at ORH?

First, JetBlue has a great frequent flier program called TrueBlue. Your points can be used for any seat at any time. No black-out dates! To sign up for it today, click here. You lose these points, however, if you don’t use them after 12 months. But if you fly once per year, your points will roll over.

Second, you not only earn points when you fly, but you earn points when you utilize the JetBlue AmEx Card. In fact, there is a promotion right now that will credit your True Blue Account 20,000 points if you charge $1,000 in the first three months you have the card. If you use your card once during a 12 month period, you do not lose any True Blue Points. Click here and check it out.

Last, buy tickets! We need to make JetBlue a success out of ORH. If we do that, JetBlue and other airlines will bring more service. I find the easiest way to buy tickets is to go to JetBlue BestFareFinder page. Book your tickets online and avoid the $20 per person fee that you are charged if you buy tickets over the phone.

Let me give you an example:

February 2, 2014 Flight 2019 ORH to Fort Lauderdale $86
February 10, 2014 Flight 2020 Fort Lauderdale to ORH $190
Total cost including taxes would be $275.30

If you go to the top of this page and change “Dollars” to “TrueBlue Points”, the total cost would be 13,300 points plus $2.50 for taxes.

If you signed up for TrueBlue today, opened a JetBlue AmEx card and charged $1,000 over three months, you would have 20,000 points from the promotion to pay for this flight and still have 6,700 points left over.

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